Friels Solicitors

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Conveyancing Fees

Most conveyancing enquiries will be given a fixed fee or else an estimate of fees.

Executory Fees

Executory fees are based on an hourly rate of £195 per hour

Court Fees


All clients will be provided with an estimate of fees on enquiry

1. Unit charges (U):
Any item may be charged according to the number of units. Time Spent Charged in Units is on the basis that 1 unit is equivalent to 6 minutes. The Unit Charge will be £19.50 per unit. The hourly rate of charge is £195.00

The unit value will increase in subsequent years. You will be advised of any change in the unit value prior thereto.

2. Drawing:
Deeds and Documents drawn shall be charged at 5 units per sheet. A sheet is 250 words or part thereof. Pro-Forma
documents will be charged at 3 units per sheet.

3. Correspondence:
Normal letters will be charted at 1.25 units per page. A page is 150 words. Formal letters or letters of a similar nature
will be charged at 0.5 units.

4. Telephone Calls:
The first 6 minutes or part of any telephone call will be charged at 1 unit. Formal telephone calls will be charged at 0.5 units.

5. Copying:
No charge will be made for first 50 copies, thereafter charged 0.02 units per copy.

6. Posts & Incidents:
This charge will cover posts, the cost of telephone calls, fax and minor outlays. It will not exceed 5% of fee total.
Exclusive of V.A.T.

7. Court Time:
Will be charged at 12 units per hour as opposed to the normal charge of 10 units per hour.

The final fee calculated will be subject to V.A.T. and all outlays incurred on your behalf will be added thereto